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13 March 2016

Why Amla should be Your Daily Health Buddy

The humble amla or the Indian gooseberry is nothing but a super food in its own right. The ordinary humble food is one of the most important foods in ayurvedic medicine system. It’s a nutrition packed fruit and is a storehouse of good health. It helps everyone to have a longer and health life. It keeps several diseases at bay. Its antioxidant power is twice that of acai berry and about 17 times that of the pomegranate. So start consuming this inexpensive wonder fruit from today itself and bring a positive change to your health. Here are some of the health benefits of Amla:

It Enhances Immunity Power

If consumed on a daily basis, amla increases the immunity power of an individual tremendously. It has antibacterial property which helps in fighting against infection.

Slows down Ageing

In this age of commercialization when everyone is running after anti-ageing creams, they totally forget that here we have a natural remedy for that. Amla, the humble super food is full of antioxidants that are effective in reducing cell damage.

Brings glow to skin

The abundance of Vitamin C in Amla helps in giving our skin a smooth and youthful look. Daily consumption of Amla will exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells. Amla juice can also be used as a homemade face mask for that glowing skin.

It helps in Healing Mouth Ulcers

Your painful mouth ulcers will be the thing of past if you consume Amla juice. Its antibacterial property holds cure to this and if you gargle with half a cup of Amla juice daily, your mouth ulcers will be history soon.

It Prevents Formation of Gall Bladder Stones

Extra cholesterol is the primary cause of gall bladder stones. Vitamin C converts the cholesterol into bile in the liver. But if consumed on a daily basis, the healing power of Amla reduces the chances of a build-up of cholesterol and also gallstones. It also helps in proper and healthy functioning of gallbladder.

Increases Metabolic Activity

The metabolic rate of an individual gets a boost if they regularly consume Amla as it has the ability to increase the absorption of protein. Increase in metabolic rate helps body to burn calories fast. It will also lead to higher energy levels and faster weight loss.

Cure for weak eyesight

Today, mobile and computer devices are being used by an individual all the time. Its adverse effect is on eyes and every second person has weak eyesight these days. Daily consumption of Amla can help fight this lifestyle problem. So add Amla to your diet and get rid of itchy, watery and sore eyes.

It is a natural coolant

Amla has almost three times more Vitamin C than orange and thus a more powerful coolant for our body. Vitamin C improves tannin levels in the body that shield body from blazing heat and sunlight in summers. Amla helps in keeping our skin cool by regulating heat.

Amla Reduces Blood Sugar

Research shows that fruits that are rich in polyphenol protect the body from the oxidative nature of high blood sugar. Thus, Amla is invaluable for people suffering from diabetes. It also helps the body in proper absorption of insulin, thus reducing blood sugar levels.

Dr. Kundan Verma
(Healthcare consultant)

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