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13 March 2016

Beat the Age with These Food Habits

Our diet plan and eating habits is the biggest differentiator when it comes to age related issues. Wrinkled face and dark circles are one of the most worrying lifestyle issues and these can be cured if we follow a healthy diet plan. Below list will help you follow a healthy diet plan to fight wrinkles and keep your skin glowing and youthful. 

Cut out inflammatory foods

  We should avoid foods that create inflammation. These are pro ageing. We have to avoid processed, packaged and fast foods completely. Also, sugar intake should be minimal as too much sugar will make skin prone to wrinkles and make an individual age quicker.

Omega fatty acids

If our skin is hydrated from inside, it is the best way to prevent dry skin and wrinkles. Omega fatty acids -3, -6, and -9 found in healthy oils are vital as they become part of the skin cell walls and keep it plump and healthy. Salmon, flaxseeds, chia seeds, coconut oil, olive oil are some of the best choices.

Green veggies

Leafy green vegetables should be must in the diet plan. Green juices help absorb the nutrients easily. It’s like a liquid multi-vitamin. Spinach, mustard greens, Broccoli are some of the best options.

Anti-oxidants The Superheroes

A diet full of brightly colored vegetables and anti-oxidant rich foods like tomatoes, carrots, kale, and pumpkin are some of the best options to protect skin and reverse some of the damage. 

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are great for the health and should definitely be included in our diet chart. Probiotics regulate digestion and put the good bacteria back in the gut which can also help skin look healthy. Some excellent options are Kimchi, Kefir and fermented vegetables are all probiotic rich. 

Dr. Kundan Verma
(Healthcare consultant)

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