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13 March 2016

Blame these Foods for Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive, decrease in sperm count, sexual frustration is some of the major lifestyle problems that people face today. But did we ever consider that many of our daily food intakes can be biggest villains. Many of these foods can slow down sex drive. It is important to know that what we eat can have sexual effects on both psychosomatic and physiological level. Testosterone drives much of human libido and low testosterone means a lower sex drive. So next time avoid excess consumption of these foods:


Mint is great in eliminating bad breath but we shouldn’t be relying too much on mint, especially if male. It is because the menthol in mint lowers testosterone which in turn lowers the sex drive.


Cheese is one of the biggest taste makers and makes many a dishes finger licking good. But if we eat too much of it, we won’t able to score well between the sheets. Cheese derived from cow’s milk (which could have synthetic hormones) could potentially mess with body’s natural production of hormones including estrogen and testosterone. 


Coffee is long believed to be an aphrodisiac and gives increased stamina for sex. But research says that if you are someone who gets jittery from coffee, then this is not what the doctor recommends. Increased anxiety can lower the sex drive.


It may be little surprising to find chocolate on the list but it can indeed be harming your sex life. It is widely considered as an aphrodisiac because it stimulates feelings of euphoria and love but it also suppresses testosterone levels. And low testosterone levels lower the libido. 

Dr. Kundan Verma
(Healthcare consultant)

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