13 March 2016

Simple Stretching Exercises for Office

We are so busy doing work in office that we don’t even realize how much damage is being done to body while we sit for hours in front of our computers. Our work cannot be ignored but so is our health. We have to constantly keep our muscles relaxed even at office so as to not fall victim to multiple lifestyle problems. Listed below are some of the easy exercises which anyone can do in office and have a far more relaxed and healthy body. 

Simply Stand Up and Sit Down

Remember that old school punishment. Well now it’s not a punishment but a boon to reduce muscle aches due to prolong sitting. Simple hack is, while on call with clients, just stand up and sit down without using hands. You will bless us later. 

Ease Your Neck Muscles

Start this exercise with head in relaxed position. Look straight ahead and tuck the chin in as far as it’s comfortable. Then relax and repeat. It will ease the neck strain and reverse the slump in the back.

Care Your Eyes

Our eyes are one of the biggest victims of our maddening work schedule. Dryness and itching in eyes is common and have become lifestyle problems. In order to prevent this, we should take hourly “vision beaks” where we should focus our eyes on something else. This will change the focal point of the eyes and what the muscles are doing.

Don’t Forget the Legs

We might think that sitting all day won’t tire our leg muscles at all but that is a myth. Spending long hours on chair can result in hip flexors becoming tight. It is suggested to stretch out the hip flexors by dropping one knee to the floor. While doing this exercise, we should rotate our pelvis backwards as we move our hips forward until we feel a stretch in the front of our hips. 

Chair Pushups/ Dips

This is an easy fix for tired muscles in the office. We should start at the edge of the chair with our body forward and knees flexed and then flex our elbows. Next step we drop our torso downward and then extend our elbows and elevate our torso. Remember to breathe while doing these. 2 sets of 10 repetitions are recommended.

Dr. Kundan Verma
(Healthcare consultant)

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