13 March 2016

How to Blast that Excess Fat

Ladies, to have a fit body is not just a dream but your right and we have listed down perfect ways to kick that extra flab and get a toner shape. The highlight is, it’s not about starving your body, some weird muscle toners or supplements but plain basic health tips. So gear up and get ready to achieve your fitness goals.

Water, the Best Slimming Drink

While there are many energy drinks in the market but nothing beats water when it comes to holistic well being. While the normal drinks infuse around 100 calories in one serving, yet they are not as satisfying as 100 calories of food does, thus they are waste. On the other hand, water has zero calories and carbs and little to no sodium, thus making it the perfect slim-down drink. 

At least 30 minutes of Cardio

30 minutes of cardio is exactly what your doctor recommended. Ladies, it’s time to kick some butt and pick a cardio routine that engages multiple muscles simultaneously. You can try spinning, cardio kickboxing and boot-camp workouts.

Consume Coffee an Hour Before Workout

The benefits of coffee are long documented. Having coffee an hour before exercise will charge you to great extent. Research says you will burn more calories without even realizing you are pushing yourself to more limits. 

Women on Top….oh yes!

Your fat busting will also depend a lot on the action you take in the bedroom. Though there is no excuse needed to get into action but your position will determine a lot. Being on top will not only put you in charge but will also means you do the rocking and as a result you burn lot of calories- up to 144 for 30 minutes. Get on top in reverse-cowgirl to give your thigh and butt muscles an extra push.

Sacrifice One Food from Daily Diet

One easy hack is to sacrifice one food from your daily diet. It can be anything, a packet of chips, chocolate, dessert after dinner, frilled sandwich or anything. Just skip having anyone such food. Believe us; your body will not even notice it and you will easily decrease few hundred calories from your diet. 

Dr. Yagnik Vaza
(B.P.T Masters in Public Health)

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