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20 March 2016

How to Clear A Stuffy Nose or Runny Nose?

A blocked and a stuffy nose can cause you real discomfort. It can be a real pain as it can be one of the biggest barriers of good sleep. When I’m down with a stuffy nose, all I do is reach out for all the possible nasal sprays to help me get rid of this nasal congestion. However, I recently studied that these chemical substances have their own side effects and disadvantages. So, I tried a more natural alternative – acupressure to clear a stuffy nose. It uses gentle pressure to four points of the face to help you clear your nose. 

Get Rid of a stuffy and runny nose naturally

Follow these instructions and you’ll see how your nose reacts to these: Make sure you use only your fingertips for the process to apply gentle pressure Use round movements, which is more like a pushing-releasing type of rotation Don’t apply excess pressure, and ensure you do not feel pain Repeat this cycle three times.

Acupressure Points

Dr. Sagar Gaurkar
(M.S. (ENT))

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