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06 April 2016

Avoid treating these Foods to your Kids

Every parent loves their kids dearly. In this love they tend to agree to whatever their kids ask to eat. But we are sorry to say, that is not love, Infact you are the worst enemy of your child’s health. Below we list down some food products which you should avoid serving to your little ones unless you don’t care about your children’s health. 


We all are very conscious about calorie consumption through what we eat. Pizzas are strict no and so are other things. But we never realize how much calorie we consume through drinks. That tall glass of strawberry smoothie that you kid loves might be holding 500 calories in it, enough to damage the health in the long run. Even if you want to serve, serve ‘small’ portions of milk shakes and prefer serving with fresh or frozen fruit.

Kid’s meals at Restaurants

Our kids are crazy about those happy meals and various other offerings at restaurants. From Mac D’s to KFC’s to taco bells of the world, you name it and kids love it. But we request you to see what you are serving to your kids. Some of these innocent meals pack in calories equivalent to whole day’s meal. 

Flavored Yoghurt

It might taste delicious but is it equally health? Perhaps that is the question we ask. WE all know that yoghurt is high in protein and calcium but flavored options are loaded with artificial colors and almost 25 grams of sugar. Well, think twice next time!

The Noodles

Noodles have been there since ages and have delighted the taste buds of generations. But it would help to know that our sweet noodles have zero nutrition. It might be favorite of millions of kids but is utmost dangerous for their health. They are high in sodium and fat and research says, kids between two to three should not have more than 1,000 milligrams of sodium a day. One cup serving of noodles can have more than 500 grams of sodium. Now you can do the maths.  

Dr. Nahush Ghate
(Child Specialist)

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