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06 April 2016

Never Say these things to Kids

Parenting is a difficult task and no one questions it. But we also understand that it is The most important task. This is because parents raise the new generation and the kids will grow up with a behavior that is taught by parents. Being a parent it is of utmost important to see what you speak to your kids. You might vent anger at some points but always be careful with choice of words. Any misplaced word or sentence might have extreme repercussions. Below is the list of insensitive things that all parents should avoid saying to their kids.

Leave me Alone!

We understand that adults have some important task at hand like meeting office deadline, preparing documents for next day meeting etc. but the child is oblivious to the importance of these situations. A sudden and impatient shout of ‘Leave me alone!’ can hurt a child great deal. They might feel neglected and can also lead to depression. At these times, patience is the virtue when dealing with kids.

It’s better to have no kids than have kids like you

This is the most hurting statement you can make to your kids. Irrespective of kid’s age, this will leave a deep and lasting emotional and psychological hurt in their minds. No matter what the situation is.

I was very responsible at your age

The parents who desire to raise the perfect kid always says these kind of things. This comes out of their huge expectations but they never realize the extreme downside of this statement. Parents also tend to forget their own shortcomings and mistakes when they were kids. This can break the child’s confidence to great extent.

Learn from your Brother/ Sister

This comparison between siblings which parents create is a dangerous beginning. This has the potential to develop negative feelings in the kids and will lead to deep animosity between the siblings and will negatively impact their relationship. 

Be ashamed of yourself

Your kid might be mischievous or stubborn and might go about their naughty ways. At times these affect people and you feel ashamed but that is no excuse to hurt the innocence of your kid by saying such harsh things. There are always better ways to deal with kids make them realize the difference between good and bad. 

Dr. Nahush Ghate
(Child Specialist)

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