16 April 2016

Best ways to Handle Dental Problems

Gently brushing teeth after every meal is one of the best oral care habits. People should use soft tooth brush and brush with gentle strokes otherwise they will end up hurting gums. 


Avoid foods that are too chilled or too hot like ice creams, soda drinks or chicken rolls, hot brownies, spicy curries, grilled foods etc. Reason being, these affect the gums adversely. The gums are very sensitive and if we have to take utmost care of them. 

Sensitive teeth

People who have sensitive teeth suffer lot of pain when eating food or having some drink that is either too hot or too cold. It is best for them if they choose toothpastes that have desensitizing agents. They should take a little bit of toothpaste in their finger, apply directly on the sore spot and gently massage. 

Sugary foods

Avoid sugary foods as they are the most damaging. They damage the outer layer of tooth which we call enamel. Once this is damaged, sugary foods will have easier access to the nerves of teeth and this will cause sharp, stinging sensation and pain. 

Acidic drinks

Avoid any drink that is having high level of citric acid. Some prime examples of drinks with citric acid as major component are, orange juice, lemon, soda based brinks, tomato juice etc. 

Added precautions

But having said all this, there are also many food products which are highly beneficial for healthy teeth. Dairy products which are rich source of calcium are best and highly recommended by doctors. It’s for this reason milk is part of our diet since childhood. Along with this one should also have yogurt, cheese, butter milk and other dairy based products. Dairy products can be complimented with almonds, dried beans, broccoli etc. These products are extremely beneficial for healthy teeth and gums. 

Dr. Namrata Risbud
(Ayurvedic Physician )

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