16 April 2016

Some Surprising Facts about Teeth

We have always been taught to take good care of our teeth and gums. We have been taught what food to eat and what to avoid. Also we are taught by our parents and teachers as to how we should brush our teeth and what toothbrush we should use. We always thought this is just about oral care but we are in surprise. Oral care is just not related to healthy gums, avoiding bad smell from mouth and having sparkling white teeth. It goes much beyond it and its benefits are manifolds. As per a research, our oral and gum problems increases the chance of having cardiovascular diseases by almost 25 % and diabetes by almost 18 %.

Our heart problems and oral care is related

We must have seen that not all who have heart problems are heavy smokers or alcoholics. Many people have chronic gum infections like excessive tarter accumulation on the teeth. This results in mouth bacteria getting transmitted to the blood vessels. This infection further results in clogging of arteries and eventually into stroke.  

Unhealthy Gums and Premature delivery

Many pregnant ladies suffer from inflammatory gum disease. This is caused due to high levels of estrogen and progesterone produced in their bodies. The bacteria in their mouth come in close contact with blood vessels surrounding the gums and causes bleeding. Poor hygiene and oral habits results in release of prostraglandins. This causes premature delivery with low birth weight.

Oral Hygiene and Diabetic complications

Diabetic causes resistance of gum diseases difficult. It is therefore advisable to maintaining healthy oral habits and effective treatment of gums. This will help an individual improve certain diabetic complications, especially hyperglycemia. 

Some advice for better teeth

1.     Brushing should always be done in circular and linear motion and not horizontal. 2.     Brushing should be followed by a proper tongue cleaning session. It prevents bad breath. 3.     Use alcohol free mouth wash. 4.     Pay regular visit to your dentist.  

Dr. Namrata Risbud
(Ayurvedic Physician )

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