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26 April 2016

Is your child eating Healthy?

The biggest task for today’s parents is to ensure whether or not their kids are eating healthy. Kids are full of tantrums and it is an audacious task to pull them away from all the junk foods and candies. It might seem daunting but it’s not impossible. A diet that is low on sugar, salt and saturated fat is very essential for kids. Below are some valuable tips from experts to ensure that your child is eating healthy: 

Avoid Eating Alone

Kids love when they have a company and same is while eating food. Make the meals interesting and a time to celebrate with everyone. If they will see you eating on couch and watching movie, they will most certainly follow you. Eating properly with everyone on dining table will not only ensure family time but also your kids will eat more in the company of everyone. So next time, avoid eating on couch watching that TV soap. 

Make the Food Attractive

We all have been asked to eat those green veggies and many more healthy foods which were so tasteless. Experts suggest that it is good if we experiment with cuisines and make them attractive for kids. If green veggies are a big NO for your kids than blend them with soups and offer it. The kids will love them. Same can be done with milk and it can be made into delicious shakes and smoothies. 

Having Breakfast like a King

As the old saying goes, your kids should eat breakfast like a king. It is the most important meal of the day. No matter how early the kids need to go to school, a healthy breakfast is must. It will keep them energetic all through the day and is important for both mental and physical development.

Proteins, the Best friend

Proteins is one of the best friends of kids. It helps them stay fuller for longer and keep unhealthy snacking at bay. Red meat, which is high in iron, supplies one of the most important nutrients for children in their growing up ages. 

In-between Meals

A healthy snacking between meals is great for kids. A vegetable sandwich or milk shake can be great before your kids go for play or a fruit salad while the take break from studies. This will not only provide them constant source of energy but will also keep them away from junk foods. 

Good Water Intake

Always ensure that the kids are having enough water and fluids, esp. during summer time. Provide them fruit juices and butter milk in regular intervals as Kids get dehydrated faster as compared to adults.

Dr. Nahush Ghate
(Child Specialist)

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