Child Health
26 April 2016

How to boost your Kids Immunity?

Below listed are some of the best ways that parents can put to use in order to boost their kids immunity.

Healthy Diet

No matter how clichéd it may sound, but a healthy diet is still the best way to improve your kid’s immunity. We hope parents are listening.A wholesome diet full of fruits and green veggies is the best source of vitamin C and antioxidants - both are natural nutrients that give big boost to immune system. A proper diet of seasonal fruits like guava, blueberries, papaya, tomatoes, broccoli etc. is highly recommended.

Cut down on Sugar

A heavy diet laden with sugar should be restricted for kids as they weaken the immune system. As per a study, 1 spoon of sugar can lower the immune system for up to four hours. Consumption of Sweet candies, chocolates and aerated drinks etc. should be cut down drastically in order to see positive result.

Exercise should be must

A disciplined life with proper exercise regime is a must for kids as well as adults. Exercise increases the infection and germs fighting ability of White Blood Cells. Every kid should be encouraged to take part in physical sports and co-curriculum activities in school. Perhaps the best way for parents to encourage their kids for sports is by joining in themselves. Next time don’t say no when your kids ask you to join for cycling. Time to get those sports shoes.

Proper Sleep Pattern

The introduction of mobiles, social media, whatsapp etc. in our lives mean normal sleep pattern has gone for a toss. Even kids are not out of this and this is because of easy access to gadgets at early age. Lack of sleep is causing lot of lifestyle problems, not just in adults but also kids. Sleep deprivation make kids more prone to various diseases. So parents should encourage their child to hit the bed early and try and get at least eight hours of sound sleep. As per study, pre-schooler's need around nine hours of sound sleep. 

Proper Hygiene

Everyone must have seen various hand sanitizer ads or hand wash ads promoting the importance of hygiene. The parents should make sure that kids wash their hands properly before and after meals. The parents should carry wipes when outdoors with their kids and also hand towels.

Dr. Nahush Ghate
(Child Specialist)

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